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Ian Finn, Ph.D


Ian Finn is an Economist at the Los Angeles office of Welch Consulting.  He received an M.A. and Ph.D. in economics from the University of California, Irvine, and a B.A. in Economics and International Studies from Boston College. During graduate school Dr. Finn’s research focused on Economic History and Applied Microeconomics.  His dissertation examined coercive labor institutions, such American slavery, and the broader economic costs they imposed. This research was supported by various grants and fellowships, including the Herbert F. York Global Security Dissertation Fellowship, the All-UC Group in Economic History Research Fellowship, and the UCI Center for Citizen Peacebuilding’s Kugelman Research Fellowship. He is also a member of the American Economic Association, The Society of Labor Economists, Golden Key International Honours Society and Omicron Delta Epsilon.

Before joining Welch Consulting, Dr. Finn worked as a researcher at the Beacon Hill Institute of Suffolk University, where he conducted public policy analysis on issues such as Medicaid spending, gasoline taxation and state competitiveness. During his graduate studies Dr. Finn served as an instructor for an undergraduate international economics course, as well as a teaching assistant for undergraduate applied microeconomics, macroeconomics and applied econometrics courses.  Before beginning graduate study, Dr. Finn worked as a financial representative at Northwestern Mutual, where he developed strategies for risk management and wealth accumulation for a personal network of clients.


Case Manager, Race Discrimination: Class action suit alleging race discrimination in an international information technology firm. Supervised and performed statistical analyses of hiring selections and involuntary terminations. Critiqued plaintiff’s reports in support of class de-certification.

Case Manager, Wage & Hours: Analyzed collective action claims of unpaid overtime under the FLSA involving a sheriff’s department. Estimated potential weekly unpaid overtime hours worked and damages under various scenarios.

Case Manager, Race Discrimination: Class action suit alleging race discrimination in the allocation of overtime hours at a regional medical center. Performed statistical analyses of overtime hours and assisted client with their interpretation.

Case Manager, Wage & Hours: Class action suit alleging unpaid overtime involving several construction contractors. Combined and analyzed payroll data, timesheets and progress reports to calculate measures of potential unpaid work time. Generated exposure estimates under various assumptions.