Valentín Estévez, Ph.D.

Valentín Estévez is a Senior Economist at the Bryan, Texas office of Welch Consulting.  He performs statistical and economic analyses in litigation cases, with an emphasis in discrimination and wage and hour matters in both class action and single-plaintiff settings.

Dr. Estévez has a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Chicago, where he specialized in Labor Economics and Public Finance.  While at the University of Chicago, he taught courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics.  Econometrics is the application of statistical methods to economic data.

In consulting and testifying engagements, Dr. Estévez performs statistical analyses of claims concerning discrimination in pay, hiring, promotions, terminations, and other employment actions.  He is also experienced in the analysis of wage and hour claims brought under the FLSA and state statutes.

As part of his practice, Dr. Estévez advises clients in the formulation and execution of audits of employment practices to assess their compliance with federal and state fair pay/pay equity and wage and hour regulations.  He also assists clients in preparing and responding to audits and investigations from government agencies such as the OFCCP and EEOC.

Dr. Estévez is experienced in the preparation and management of large and complex databases and routinely assists clients in cases involving general statistics consulting and data analysis.


Expert Witness, Wage & Hour:  Case involving flight attendants who alleged a series of violations of California’s labor code.   Prepared an expert report and gave deposition testimony regarding issues with the class-wide damages methodology offered by plaintiffs’ expert and the work experience of the plaintiffs. 

Consultant, Pay Equity Audit:  Conducted a base pay and equity compensation audit for an international software company.  Assessed compliance under Title VII, California’s Fair Pay Act, and OFCCP analysis guidelines. 

Expert Witness, Wage & Hour:  Case involving airport agents and ground personnel for a large nationwide airline who alleged violations of California’s wage and hour laws.   Submitted expert report and gave deposition testimony documenting systemic flaws in plaintiffs’ expert data preparation and calculations. 

Consultant, Annual Pay and Promotion Reviews:  Assisted client with annual compensation reviews by providing fast-turnaround analyses of pay and promotion decisions.

Consultant, Gender Discrimination Arbitration:  Prepared pay and promotions analyses in a nationwide gender discrimination case involving salespersons and managers at a large retail firm. 

Consultant, OFCCP Audits: Simultaneously audited pay practices in more than 30 sites of a large provider of health services.  Prepared individualized reports for each site and assisted the client in the interpretations of the results of the audit. 

Consultant, Reorganization:  Performed interactive, fast-turn-around adverse impact analysis for a large retailer undergoing a reorganization of its operations.

Consultant, Wage & Hour:  Assisted a nationwide drugstore chain in responding to claims that it violated labor laws because supervisors could not leave the premises during their  breaks. Used timecard data to show that supervisors had the opportunity to take breaks since there were other managerial level employees on duty at the same time.

Consultant, OFCCP Audits: Assisted a health services provider undergoing OFCCP audits in several facilities regarding the pay of Registered Nurses.  Helped the client show that the apparent pay disparity was due to differences in prior experience. Once prior experience was taken into account our client’s pay practices were race and gender neutral.  

Consultant, Wage & Hour: Helped a large health services provider address claims that its timecard rounding practices were devised to advantage the company.  Verified that the rounding rules were applied consistently and found that overall the rules neither advantaged nor disadvantaged our client. 

Consultant, Firm-Wide Employment Practices Audit: Performed an audit of annual pay, pay at hire, pay raises, promotions, and terminations practices at a large firm in the food industry.  Provided a detailed review of the firm compliance with labor regulations both at the firm level and by relevant organizational units.

Consultant, Breach of Contract: Organized internal sales and industry data and reviewed financial reports in a matter related to claims of breach of contract against a large firm in the pharmaceutical industry.  Replicated and responded to the opposing expert’s report.

Consultant, Discrimination: Assisted a large firm in the paper industry in responding to OFCCP’s failure to hire charges.  Discussed data and methodological issues with OFCCP’s statistics expert.

Consultant, Wage & Hour: Class action suits involving the estimation of damages arising from unpaid hours worked and overtime claims against several hospitals in the US.

Consultant, Discrimination: Assisted a firm in the semiconductor industry in responding to claims of age discrimination in a reduction in force.

Consultant, ERISA Litigation: Organized personnel, payroll, and pension records and analyzed the evolution of retirement benefits in a case against a firm in the pharmaceutical industry involving claims of violations of the ADEA and ERISA due to the conversion of its defined benefit plan to a cash balance plan.

Expert Witness, Lost Earnings: Estimated lost wages and benefits suffered by plaintiff due to almost two decades of wrongful incarceration.

Consultant, Wage & Hour: Class action suit involving the estimation of damages arising from unpaid hours worked and overtime claims against a large firm in the package delivery industry.  Assisted client during mediation proceedings.

Consultant, Wage & Hour: Class action suit involving the estimation of damages arising from unpaid hours worked and overtime claims against a large firm in the networks and communication industry.  Assisted client during mediation proceedings. 

Consultant, Discrimination: Prepared responses to an OFCCP investigation regarding pay, promotions, hiring, and terminations for a large firm in the financial services industry.

Consultant, Wage & Hour: Computed damage estimates in a wage and hours case involving piece-rate workers in a large firm in the food industry.

Consultant, Discrimination: Performed audit of hiring practices for a large firm in the food industry.   Recommended changes in its record-keeping procedures to facilitate data comparisons across facilities.