Two of our economists will sit on two different panels on Thursday, November 6th.

Amy Aukstikalnis, Ph.D. will sit on the following panel: The Use of Experts in Title VII Cases

This advanced-level panel will examine the use of statistics in employment law class actions and multi-plaintiff cases following Wal-Mart v. Dukes and will address the role of non-statistical experts, such as I/O psychologists, in the litigation of employment law cases, particularly employment discrimination cases. Panelists also will offer tips on working with labor economists, statisticians and other experts in developing data and preparing experts for deposition and trial.

G. Edward (Ted) Anderson, Ph.D. will sit on the following panel: How to Measure and Prove Damages in Wage and Hour Cases

Liability is not the only issue—every attorney needs to possess a clear understanding of damages calculation issues both to litigate and to assess exposure. This panel will address issues regarding damages calculation, including the regular rate of pay determinations, the applicability of the fluctuating workweek method, the availability of liquidated damages, what happens when HR lacks payroll or time records, as well as strategies for estimating damages in settlement discussions, and how to handle damages issues at trial.

American Bar Association Labor and Employment Section