Hadden Wright, Associate Economist

Hadden Wright

Hadden Wright is an Associate Economist in the Los Angeles office of Welch Consulting.

Mr. Wright assists with the preparation, management, and analysis of datasets for gender and race discrimination cases. He also assists in pay equity and employment practice audits. He enjoys finding insights in the proverbial haystacks of large datasets. He also enjoys being able to apply his existing skills to a wide array of topics and being able to learn new skills by being surrounded by experts in the field.

Before joining Welch Consulting, Mr. Wright studied at UCLA where he graduated with College Honors with a B.S. in Mathematics and Economics with a minor in Statistics and a specialization in computing. He has written multiple papers using U.S. Census data to address macroeconomic questions and has also used his programming experience to write his own statistical analysis software. Throughout his time at UCLA, he constantly worked to refine his skills for finding practical solutions to even the most complex of data problems.