Hannah Johns, Associate Economist

Hannah Johns

Ms. Johns joined Welch Consulting in the summer of 2021. She assists in the preparation and analysis of datasets for cases involving pay equity audits, wage disputes, and employment discrimination.

Prior to joining Welch, Ms. Johns completed her undergraduate education at Rhodes College, where she graduated with honors with a B.A. in Economics. During her time at Rhodes College, she interned at a local nonprofit organization as a research and measurement intern, assisting in qualitative research on the best practices for poverty alleviation. She completed her senior thesis researching the relationship between minimum wage and poverty rates, focusing on whether there was a different effect across different racial groups’ poverty rates in America. Ms. Johns also served as a student trustee to the finance committee on the Board of Trustees.

Her notable interest in classes such as Advanced Econometrics and Data Management and Analysis led her to pursue a career in economic and data analytics.