Economist-Level Careers

Our success and growth for over 40 years is founded upon Welch’s focus on economists with long-term career goals and relative educational credentials, but with those attributes that make them likely to become reputable in their field. These attributes include being research-oriented, flexible, innovative, setting high personal standards and self-motivation. Economists and Sr. Economists interested in developing their own portfolio of clients are actively involved in the firm’s business development campaigns, including the creation of marketing collaterals and client outreach efforts.


Economists have recently completed a Ph.D. degree in Economics, Applied Economics or Applied Statistics. A focus or research experience in Labor Economics or Human Capital is valued. They are experienced in organizing complex data and have superior programming skills. Experience with Stata is a plus.

Sr. Economists

Senior Economists have a Ph.D. degree in Economics, Applied Economics or Applied Statistics and typically have at least five years of professional data analysis experience and demonstrated ability in organizing and leading research teams. Senior Economists work closely with the firm’s Managing Directors and Principals in the formulation of strategy, managing of cases and task-assignment to junior staff, and preparation of written reports and testimony.

Managing Directors

Managing Directors typically have more than five years of case management experience and have their own portfolio of clients. Managing Directors are responsible for managing teams of Economists, Directors, and Consultants. They are actively involved in managing their offices and in the formulation of the firm's business strategies.


Principals are our most experienced and longest-tenured Economists, often having worked at the company for twenty or more years and with an extensive portfolio of clients. Principals have extensive testimony experience and have handled many "bet-the-company" cases.

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