Hector Santa Cruz, Managing Consultant

Hector                                 Santa Cruz

Hector Santa Cruz is a Director in the Los Angeles office of Welch Consulting.

Mr. Santa Cruz performs data analysis related to discrimination allegations and wage & hour disputes. Discrimination allegations primarily involve pay equity, promotions, performance ratings, hires, and terminations. Wage & hour disputes include meal/rest violations, rounding rules, and overtime claims. His statistical analyses are prepared for audits, class-action lawsuits, and reporting. He has experience with clients in a variety of industries, including finance, healthcare, retail, service, and technology.

Mr. Santa Cruz has particular experience performing statistical analyses related to pay equity. He leads annual compensation audits for Fortune 500 companies. He also calculates pay equity statistics for company disclosures in the United States and internationally. Aside from working with companies on self-audits and monitoring, he has extensive experience conducting analyses in response to audits from the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) and class-action litigation. He develops regression models and advanced statistical tests for declarations and reports.

Mr. Santa Cruz enjoys working with large, complex data to tell data-driven stories. Using his technical expertise, he performs data quality checks on raw data, processes it into analyzable formats, and conducts quantitative analysis. He most enjoys finding patterns in data that provide insights into or drive business processes.

Prior to joining Welch Consulting, Mr. Santa Cruz studied economics and public policy at Stanford University.