Holly Krier

Holly Krier is a Director in the Los Angeles office of Welch Consulting.

With over 30 years of experience in data analysis, Holly assists in a wide variety of class action and individual plaintiff matters involving wage and hours issues, along with claims of age, race and gender discrimination. She has extensive experience with cases involving the correct calculation of the regular rate of pay. Additionally, she has assisted major fortune 500 companies with the proper identification and payment of meal and rest break penalties. She has also assisted several companies with audits of their managers’ editing of punch records and alerted those companies to managers who may have improperly edited employee time records to reduce overtime payments or inserted an unrecorded meal or rest break. Holly also has significant experience with the analysis of the various types of data involved in call center cases, such as badge swipe, login authentication, payroll, and clock-in data.  Along with identifying and quantifying the above issues for Welch’s clients, Holly has calculated potential damages and PAGA exposures that could arise from these issues.

Through one of Welch Consulting’s sister companies, Holly has over 10 years of experience assisting in the analysis of FHA insured mortgage defaults, and she was the lead programmer on the initial development of the FHA Total Score.