Donald R. Deere, Ph.D. is scheduled to speak at the American Conference Institutes’ Employment Discrimination conference in Chicago July 27th-28th.

Donald will be speaking on a panel alongside Ilyse Goldsmith, VP and Senior Corporate Counsel U.S. Bank; William C. Martucci, Shook Hardy & Bacon LLP; Linda M. Doyle, and McDermott Will & Emery LLP. Together they will discuss:

• EEOC spotlight on cases of disparate impact resulting from discriminatory hiring barriers (including pre-employment employee background checks and use of online job applications)

• What kinds of evidence does the EEOC consider in determining that there is a disparate impact caused by a company’s pre-employment background/criminal/credit check policy; tips and best practices for defeating such claims

• The latest court responses to disparate impact challenges to employers’ criminal records policies

• Lessons learned from EEOC v. Freeman and EEOC v. Kaplan Higher Educ. Corp.

• The impact and current status of the “ban the box” movement on criminal records policies

• Limitations of the “ban the box” movement

• The EEOC’s efforts to systemically reform the way employers consider criminal history information

• Navigating the distinctions between federal and state laws governing the running of criminal history and credit checks; exceptions and loopholes employers and their counsel should know about in defending against disparate impact claims based on credit checks

• The latest trends in disparate impact claims based on employer use of online job applications – tips for defending against these claims

• Tips, strategies and best practices for avoiding discrimination when using social media tools in your recruiting and/or hiring process; the key theories of liability in these claims and strategies for defending against them

For more information regarding this event or other events like it, please visit the ACI website.

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