Welch Consulting Senior Economist Donald Deere, Ph.D. will make a presentation as part of a panel at the 2017 SIOP Conference (The 32nd Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology).

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The presentation is about Adverse Impact (the most common application of which relates to assessing potential differences in the selection of individuals for hire, promotion, or termination across demographic groups). The conference is April 27-29 in Orlando. Dr. Deere’s panel is on Friday 4/28.

Session 177. Panel Discussion: 1:00PM-2:20PM N. Hemisphere E3 Innovative Approaches to Adverse Impact Analysis. Traditional approaches to adverse impact analysis are not sufficient to address the complexities of modern-day employee selection settings. A diverse panel with expertise in I-O, statistics, economics, and law will discuss challenges encountered when conducting adverse impact analysis in practice and innovative solutions to these challenges.