Donald R. Deere, Ph.D. is scheduled to speak at the American Conference Institutes’ Employment Discrimination conference in Chicago July 28th-29th.

Donald will be speaking on a panel alongside Sheila Engelmeier with Engelmeier & Umanah, P.A., and Jenny Gassman-Pines with Greene Espel PLLP. Together they will discuss:

  • Examining the latest EEOC strides towards effecting tougher rules protecting pregnant workers
  • Taking a look at the developments following Young v. UPS and the aftermath of the EEOC’s latest pregnancy discrimination guidance
  • Scrutiny of leave policies for pregnant workers
  • Managing leaves of absence issues in the pregnancy context
  • The latest accommodation claims relating to reasonable accommodation of employees with pregnancy-related medical conditions
  • Efforts to extend the reach of the ADA’s reasonable accommodation provisions to cover pregnant employees who are experiencing normal/healthy pregnancies — where are the courts coming out on this?
  • Best practices for avoiding and defending against claims of pregnancy discrimination in the face of heightened scrutiny
  • Proving that pregnancy wasn’t the reason for the adverse decision
  • What states are following EEOC suit and passing laws regarding pregnancy accommodations? What are the trends being seen?
  • Family Responsibilities Discrimination claims under Title VII, the FMLA, the ADA and beyond; strategies for defending these claims and pitfalls to avoid

For more information regarding this event or other events like it, please visit the ACI website.

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