Welch Consulting economists in our Los Angeles office provide litigation and consulting expertise to companies of all sizes and industries in California, throughout the US, and worldwide.

Welch Consulting has earned a reputation for providing exceptional research and statistical analysis to our clients throughout the state and across the country. Our economists boast extensive experience in class actions alleging employment discrimination and wage and hour violations, whether these arise from claims brought under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the ADEA, California law (including PAGA claims),  claims brought under the FLSA or Equal Pay Act, or matters brought under non-California State laws.  We are experts in providing proactive audits of employment practices, and recently we have provided pay equity audits to a number of large national and international employers, as well as to California-based companies.

We specialize in litigation involving complex, often large, data matters, and have been providing these services from our Los Angeles office since 1980.  We also offer individual analyses of claimed economic damages, whether brought by a single plaintiff or through collective/class actions, and whether the matter is court-based or arbitrated/mediated. We are experienced in preparing and responding to EEOC and OFCCP investigations and are well-versed in their analytical approaches.  We also assist companies in evaluating their pay equity and employment decisions for adverse impact, with the goal of identifying and understanding areas with potential litigation risk.

Welch Consulting maintains multiple offices throughout the country and works with attorneys and firms in every industry across the US and in other parts of the world. To speak with one of our expert labor economists in Los Angeles, contact us today.