Economic Damages

For individual loss claims, our experts bring together the labor market insights, financial analysis, and benefits valuations to assess all elements of economic loss. We offer a full range of economic and labor market analysis services and consider all relevant factors that affect damages, including analysis of compensation and benefit plans, employee turnover, job availability, and individual Plaintiff mitigation efforts.

For class action damages claims, we analyze and combine large datasets, enabling us to generate reasonable estimates of class-wide damages under various assumptions. We regularly provide damage estimates for class-wide wage and hours claims, PAGA and other penalty calculations, as well as group and class damages in failure-to-hire and failure-to-promote claims.  Our experts create clear and complete reports, displaying each component of potential damage, as well as pinpointing weaknesses in opposing expert damage analyses.


Welch consulting’s large archive of historical online job postings provides an effective and compelling resource for wrongful termination claims. To demonstrate a Plaintiff’s ability to find replacement employment after a termination, we identified over 1,500 asset manager and related jobs within a reasonable commuting distance.


This, when contrasted with the Plaintiff’s actual search for new employment, revealed that her unemployment spell was attributable to lack of job search activity, rather than job availability.

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