Joshua Mitchell, Ph.D. and Senior Economist at Welch Consulting will speak at the 2019 Colorado Labor & Employment Law Conference on April 25th in Denver. He will speak on Pay Data in Your EEO-1: What the EEOC Wants, How to Compile It, and What it Might Show.

The EEOC now has a green light to require large employers to file extensive payroll information along with their EEO-1 reports. In this session, Josh Mitchell and Bill Wright from Sherman & Howard will describe the information the EEOC wants, how employers can collect the information, and what the information might show about discrimination in the workplace. While Dr. Mitchell was a Senior Economist at the U.S. Census Bureau, his research used large datasets including W-2 tax records to analyze economic trends by age and gender. Be prepared for next year’s EEO-1!