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We provide estimates of damages in disputes between businesses and consumers. We distill information from a wide range of sources to develop an understanding of the firms involved, the market, and other issues relevant to the dispute. With this knowledge and our understanding of economic principles, we make informed and relevant calculations. In addition, we respond to the calculations and arguments of other experts involved in a case, and to assist clients in discovery and preparation for trial.


The Claim:

A manufacturer of medical equipment sued one of its distributors, claiming the distributor had breached its contract to market and distribute the plaintiff’s products. The plaintiff’s economic expert pointed to a slowing in the growth of sales by the defendant as evidence of the breach.

Our Findings:

We examined sales of the plaintiff’s products by other distributors and compared the pattern to sales by the defendant.  The comparison revealed that sales by other distributors were strikingly similar to sales by the defendant, indicating other factors – not a breach of contract – could explain the plaintiff’s slowing sales.


In a suit alleging deceptive trade practices and fraud on the part of a for-profit university, we calculated damages for one plaintiff.  The university, which offered a doctoral degree that was not accredited by one of the prominent entities in the relevant field, was alleged to have promised its students and applicants that it expected to receive accreditation in the near future, but never did.  The damage analysis included an estimate of the effect of the plaintiff’s reduced access to programs forgiving student loans as well as an estimate of reduced earnings.


Welch Consulting was retained by attorneys representing a national pharmaceutical company that was sued by a medical device manufacturer claiming damages resulting from an alleged breach of contract. After thoroughly reviewing business and financial documents and electronic sales data provided by both parties, our economists rebutted the evidence and the multi-million damage estimate put forth by the plaintiff’s economic expert.  We also assisted the client in preparation for witness depositions and for trial, including preparation of trial exhibits illustrating the flaws in the plaintiff’s claims and damage calculations.

Welch Consulting was retained by a national computer hardware firm that was being sued for patent infringement by a competitor.  Our economists assessed damages from the alleged infringement using a history of prior patent agreements by both parties.  We prepared an expert report presenting our findings and rebutting the plaintiff’s expert’s damage calculation.

Welch Consulting was retained by a national household products firm that was sued by a major competitor for alleged uncompetitive practices.  Our economists analyzed extensive case documents and electronic product sales data in formulating an estimate of damages from the alleged event.  A Welch economist testified that the data available did not support the plaintiff’s damage calculation.

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