Off-The-Clock Work

These claims can be verified or refuted statistically if complete work records are maintained. When time records cannot capture alleged off-the-clock work, records of timed activities (such as computer, phone, and building access records) can sometimes be matched to time clock data to assess the accuracy of claimed off-the-clock work. We can also calculate total exposure associated with such claims under the relevant state and federal overtime laws, including statutory penalties, and interest.


Tax professionals claimed that their supervisors prohibited them from entering their actual work time on time sheets to avoid payment of overtime. Given the nature of the allegations, the time records were of no use in analyzing the claims.


Because their work required them to be logged-on to the phone system, we collected phone log data and compared the duration between the first and last activity of the day to the work hours on the time sheets. This analysis revealed a very small instance of potential work time exceeding paid time and directly contradicted plaintiffs’ claims.

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