Valentín Estévez, Ph.D. and Managing Director at Welch Consulting and Meredith Mills Gregston, Esq., of Duane Morris LLP will present to members of the North Texas Industry Liaison Group. The seminar, Since We Are Talking About Pay Equity… Leveraging Your OFCCP Compliance Efforts to Examine Pay Equity and Pay Gap Concerns.

The OFCCP is far from being the only party investigating whether your workplace is free from compensation discrimination.  Some government contractors also have to deal with pay discrimination lawsuits, activist investors, and other federal, state, and country-specific pay equity regulations.  In this seminar, we will examine strategies for leveraging your OFCCP compliance efforts to assess your pay equity and pay gap situation more generally.  We will discuss:

  • The effect of the recent OFCCP compensation directives.
  • Major players, trends, and developments in the pay equity movement (e.g., the EEOC’s data collection tool).
  • Pay equity v. pay gap studies.
  • Recommendations for addressing pay equity and pay gap concerns