At Welch Consulting, we pride ourselves in our rigorous approach to all aspects of economic consulting, statistical analysis, and research on labor and employment market issues. We’ve been providing services nationally for more than 40 years and have grown since 1980 to having an office in three time zones–the Eastern (Washington, DC), Central (College Station, Texas) and the Pacific (Los Angeles, California). 

To best serve clients across all industries, our company relies on a team of doctoral-level economists, as well as managers, consultants, and associates. These professionals offer expertise not only in mathematical modeling and analysis, but also programming, data construction, data collection, data cleaning and verification. We are well-versed in compliance issues and matters such as class action cases involving discrimination suits, wage and hour claims, and state-specific pay equity law.

We also provide economic consulting and testimony services in single plaintiff matters where claims of economic loss frequently arise.  Our economists, managers, consultants, and associates are all integral to the important work that we do daily at Welch Consulting; we are excited to introduce them, and to share their impressive experience, knowledge, and skills.


Our PhD economists specialize in analyses involving economics or statistics and have extensive experience in research, data collection and verification, and analysis. They work closely with each client to formulate a strategy that addresses that client’s particular needs, and often provide expert testimony through reports, declarations, in deposition or at trial. Most importantly, our economists continuously strive to understand the complexities that may be specific to a client’s policies and practices and as reflected in the data we analyze. As such, when presented, our empirical conclusions are reliable and persuasive.

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Managers & Consultants

Our managers and consultants are versed in economics, statistics or mathematics. They work closely with clients on day-to-day case management, as well as collaborating with the economists on research, analysis, and data preparation. They have extensive experience in identifying areas of a client’s data that may be incomplete or miscoded and requiring further attention. All of our Managers and Consultants are also accomplished programmers who efficiently assist in ensuring accurate and reliable empirical results.


Our associates offer a fresh perspective to the firm, having recently successfully completed rigorous undergraduate study of economics, mathematics, or statistics. They bring skills in quantitative research, data analysis, and programming. Associates are the people reading, checking, and constructing analysis data through computer programming skills honed while at our company.

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At Welch Consulting, we strive to provide our clients with a high level of insight and analysis in order to inform critical decisions regarding employment practices and policies. We assist clients as Consultants, in understanding inequities that may be lurking under the data’s surface in compensation, hiring, promotions, terminations, layoffs, or other potentially challenged employment practices. Armed with knowledge of potential trouble spots, clients are put into a strong position to address and correct practices or policies leading to inequitable outcomes.  Such knowledge ultimately also puts clients in a stronger position in advance of impending outside government agency audits or litigation.  Please reach out to one of our team members if you think we can assist you with your economic or statistical analysis needs.