Amy Aukstikalnis, Ph.D.

Amy M. Aukstikalnis is a Principal in Welch Consulting’s Los Angeles office.

Since joining Welch Consulting, Dr. Aukstikalnis’ consulting work has included the statistical analysis of promotions, demotions, terminations, layoffs and pay practices in employment discrimination cases, the preparation of employment practice audits for Fortune 500 companies and the evaluation of claims in wage and hour litigation. She has prepared, and testified about, economic loss calculations in hiring, promotion, medical malpractice, personal injury, wage and hour, and wrongful termination cases. Dr. Aukstikalnis has also prepared studies related to, and testified about, unemployment spells, job market opportunities, earnings, benefit valuations and other issues relating to claims of economic damage in employment litigation cases.

Dr. Aukstikalnis received her Ph.D. in economics and M.B.A. from the University of Houston where she specialized in labor economics and applied econometrics. Before joining Welch Consulting, Dr. Aukstikalnis was employed as an economist for the Workers Compensation Research Institute in Cambridge Massachusetts where she directed studies related to current issues in worker compensations systems. Prior to that, she worked as an analyst for the Business Operations Analysis group within AT&T Bell Laboratories. She taught several courses in microeconomics at the University of Houston and conducted research on race and gender differences in the job turnover behavior of young workers. She is a member of the American Economic Association and the Society of Labor Economists.


Expert Witness, Wage & Hours: Class Action case involved allegations of forfeiture of vacation time under a use it or lose it vacation pay policy at a leading printer manufacturer. Used available company records and information on vacation pay practices at the company to estimated potential forfeitures and the corresponding dollar value of potentially forfeited vacation days.

Expert Witness, Wage & Hours: Reviewed company payroll records and prepared estimates of potential overtime damages for class members working a 4/10 schedule at a California based construction company.

Expert Witness, Wrongful Termination: Single plaintiff case involved allegations of wrongful termination by a manager laid off during a reduction in force at a major information technology services firm. Prepared an estimate of the potential economic losses incurred by the plaintiff due to the termination and provided rebuttal testimony to economic loss calculations prepared by the opposing expert in the matter.

Consultant/Expert Witness, Wage & Hours: Class action case involved allegations of missed and short meal and rest breaks, misclassification of exempt employees, unpaid overtime and under-payment of vacation pay at a California based company.    Performed an audit of the opposing expert’s calculations and provided feedback on underlying assumptions and potential misstatement of damages to counsel.

Expert Witness, Economic Losses: Case involved an individual who was the victim of human trafficking. Prepared an estimate of past unpaid wages and what it would take financially to get the individual back on track educationally and in terms of a proper career path.

Expert Witness, Wage & Hours: Class action case involved the estimation of forfeited vacation time for employees of a national retailer. Worked with both class and defense counsel on the identification of class members, calculation of damages and estimation of settlement awards for the various sub-classes in a mediation setting.

Consultant, Wage & Hours: Class action matter involved allegations of missed/short meal and rest breaks, off-the-clock activity, and unpaid overtime at a large national retailer. Assisted in the identification of potential class members and estimated potential damages using data from company time stamped cash register and time clock data.

Consultant, Reduction in Force Audit: Prepared adverse impact analyses (examining Gender, Race and Age) and provided feedback regarding potential problem areas during a recent reduction in force at the production facilities of a California based firm.

Consultant, Employment Practice Audit: Examined base pay, merit increases, stock and bonus allocations for areas of adverse impact (Race, Gender and Age) for a major telecommunications company during their annual review process.

Expert Witness, Wrongful Termination: Case involved single plaintiff allegations of wrongful termination, sexual harassment and gender discrimination against an investment-banking firm. Conducted an assessment of the availability of comparable positions in the industry, prepared an assessment of the plaintiff’s mitigation behavior and economic loss calculations.

Consultant, Employment Discrimination: Multiple plaintiff case involved claims of race discrimination in pay, promotion and transfers at a large supermarket chain. Supervised and performed statistical studies of promotions and movements across positions and stores.

Consultant, Employment Discrimination: Class action case involved claims of race discrimination in promotion at a large employer in the medical services industry in Michigan. Compared racial composition of workforce to availability in the local labor market and analyzed promotions over time at the facility in question.

Expert Witness, Medical Malpractice/Personal Injury: Case involved single plaintiff allegations of medical malpractice against several doctors. Prepared earnings loss calculations. Reviewed and responded to the opposing expert’s report.

Consultant, Reduction in Force Audit: Prepared adverse impact analyses regarding race, gender and age and provided feedback regarding potential problem areas for a nationwide retailer during a reduction in force.

Expert Witness, Wrongful Termination: Single Plaintiff case involved allegations of wrongful termination of an executive at a printed circuit board manufacturer. Prepared an assessment of the state of the industry, summarized the plaintiff’s job search activities and prepared economic loss calculations.

Expert Witness, Wrongful Termination: Single Plaintiff case involved claims of wrongful termination against a large employer in the Hi-Tech industry. Reviewed the opposing expert’s report and prepared a reassessment of damage calculations for use in mediation proceedings.