Douglas H. Owens

Douglas Owens is a Director in the Washington office of Welch Consulting.

He serves as a consultant on employment and labor issues and directs complex data development and empirical analyses in support of expert witness testimony. He has assisted clients with matters involving wage and hour issues, discrimination claims and other issues. His research in microeconomics has been published in a number of journals and edited volumes. Prior to joining Welch Consulting he taught microeconomics at Texas A&M University.


Consultant, Wage and Hours: Analyzed patterns of time clock punches and edits at a national home improvement retailer for evidence of uncompensated overtime or time shaving in response to the filing of a class action.

Consultant, Employment Discrimination: Performed an audit of gender and race differences in pay and performance ratings across all business lines for a large conglomerate. Identified employees for individualized management salary reviews.

Consultant, Employment Discrimination: Calculated alternative workforce definitions using Census data for an analysis of race differences in hiring by a Federal agency, pursuant to a settlement agreement.

Consultant, Option Valuation: Performed analyses of the proper valuation of executive stock options and restricted stock units in a case involving former executives of a large software company. Critiqued the valuation analysis provided by opposing experts.

Consultant, Employment Discrimination: Analyzed the distribution of client accounts to brokers at a major national stock brokerage. Accounts analyzed included new accounts and transfers from departing brokers. Investigated allegations of gender bias in the allocation of accounts.

Consultant, Wage and Hours: Examined daily data on medical delivery drivers’ routes and time spent at individual stops for evidence that time clock records had been inappropriately edited in a California class action.

Consultant, Employment Discrimination: Analyzed claims of racially biased compensation, promotions, and tests to assist a large telecommunications company in defense of a national class action suit. Produced analyses to refute commonality and typicality arguments.

Consultant, Union Dispute: Audited vacation accrual and calculated damages relating to a union-employer dispute in the transportation industry arising from differences between a negotiated contract and the requirements of federal law regarding military leaves of absence.

Consultant, Wage and Hours: Examined pay rates nationwide for a large package delivery company with government contracts to determine compliance with local prevailing wages as required under the McNamara-O’Hara Service Contract Act. Estimated exposure under varying assumptions about the fraction of work that was government-related.