G. Edward (Ted) Anderson, Ph.D.

G. Edward (Ted) Anderson is a Senior Economist and Principal of Welch Consulting, located in the Los Angeles, California office.

Since 1988, when he joined Welch Consulting, Dr. Anderson has acted as an expert witness or consulting expert in national wage and hours litigation, including matters brought under the FLSA, California and other State laws and he has testified in multiple- and single-plaintiff cases where discrimination and/or adverse employment outcomes were claimed, including potential race, gender and age-based violations. He is experienced in evaluating, and has testified to, economic damages in single-plaintiff actions, such as wrongful termination, personal injury and wrongful death claims.

Prior to Welch Consulting, Dr. Anderson taught courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics, industrial organization, and managerial economics at California State University, Long Beach, and has lectured in microeconomics and macroeconomics at UCLA and at Simon Fraser University. His research included studies of the effect of affirmative action on women’s income and on occupational differences in earnings capacity. Dr. Anderson has also directed research projects for the U.S. Air Force on the earnings and employment of retired military personnel.

Dr. Anderson received a Ph.D. in economics from the University of California, Los Angeles, where he was an H.B. Earhardt Fellow, and an M.A. and a B.A. with Honors from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. His specialties while attending UCLA graduate school were Econometrics—which is the application of statistical principles and methods to economic data—and Labor Economics. He is a member of the American Economic Association and the American Bar Association.


Expert Witness, Wage & Hours: Class action suit charging that employees at a national restaurant chain were improperly denied meal and rest breaks. Performed variation studies on exceptions and analyzed manager editing of time records.

Expert Witness, Constructive Discharge: Single plaintiff claim of a Los Angeles firefighter who alleged that a co-worker prank was racially motivated. Estimated economic loss under an assumption of constructive discharge.

Expert Witness, Wage & Hours: Class action suit involving production line employees in a single Oklahoma facility who claimed unpaid pre-shift and post-shift time. Estimated durations of potential unpaid time from clock records and shift begin/end paid times for groups of workers during the liability period.

Summary Data Witness, Wage & Hours: Class action suit charging an Alabama chicken processing plant for failure to pay for time spent donning/doffing protective clothing and equipment. Provided testimony on plant-wide and individual-level employment data and time record data summaries.

Consultant, Wage & Hours: Class action suit involving a California-based bank whose employees claimed illegal record-keeping practices and meal and rest break violations. Estimated damages based on financial records and measured meal and rest exceptions using electronic employee time records.

Expert Witness, Wrongful Termination: Single plaintiff matter where psychiatrist claimed wrongful termination from County Psychiatric Facility.  Performed market study and provided testimony on earnings capacity and mitigation efforts of plaintiff seeking part-time position working nights or weekends.

Consultant, University Dispute: Examined earnings of medical faculty both inside/outside of a large southern California university. Co-wrote report on findings for university administration and faculty committees.

Expert Witness, Wage & Hours: Class Action suit with claims of unpaid time while donning and doffing equipment/uniforms in multi-state, food industry plants employing line workers. Constructed litigation-quality payroll/employment database and estimated potential time/pay owed under FLSA.

Expert Witness, Race Discrimination: Class action suit alleging race discrimination in a California County agency. Directed research on hiring/promotion outcomes of white and minority employment.

Consultant, Wage & Hours: Class action suit involving a national restaurant chain whose California workers claimed missed meals/breaks in conjunction with split shifts and short shifts. Estimated economic damages and performed variation studies.

Expert Witness, Personal Injury: Single plaintiff matter involving claims of a mis-diagnosed heart attack and lost earnings due to inability to continue in construction/trade employment after incident. Estimated economic losses under alternate rehabilitation outcomes.

Consultant, Wage & Hours: Multiple class action cases involving meal and rest break violations in multiple states including California, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Washington, among others, against a large national retail firm. Conducted studies of time swipe data for liability and damage estimates.

Consultant, Wage & Hours: Provided mediation assistance to California internet/ telecommunications company. In several matters, groups of IT employees claimed non-payment for time worked, incorrect calculation of overtime, and waiting time and other payroll-based penalties. Estimated overtime and additional time owed under assumptions of liability.

Consultant, Gender Discrimination: Monitored promotions and hours allocations under a five-year settlement decree for a large grocery store chain operating in northern and southern California.

Consultant, Age Discrimination: Class action matter involving claims of age discrimination in a series of layoffs from high-technology aerospace firm. Analyzed statistics in layoff by age.

Expert Witness, Lost Earnings: Single plaintiff suit brought against a California nursery. Estimated lost and remaining earnings capacity after incident and generated damage estimates.

Expert Witness, Age Discrimination: Multiple-plaintiff matter involving claims of age discrimination in layoffs at a southern California aerospace company. Prepared declaration on statistical issues and generated earnings loss estimates.