Joshua Mitchell, Ph.D.

Joshua Mitchell is a Senior Economist at Welch Consulting’s Los Angeles Office.

His work has included the statistical analysis of employment discrimination claims in recruiting, hiring, terminations, promotions, and compensation practices as well as the analysis of wage and hour claims involving overtime pay and meal/rest break provision.

Before joining Welch Consulting, he was a Senior Economist at the U.S. Census Bureau where his research made use of large administrative datasets to analyze survey data quality limitations and understand the implications for accurately measuring economic progress by age and gender.

Prior to joining Census, Dr. Mitchell was a Research Economist at the Urban Institute where he focused on labor market issues including long-term unemployment, earnings inequality, and job polarization.

Dr. Mitchell received a Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University, where he studied labor and public economics and also served as a teaching fellow for graduate and undergraduate courses. He also holds a B.A./B.S. in Economics and Mathematics from Stanford University. Dr. Mitchell’s research findings have been published in the Review of Economic Studies and the Journal of Economic Perspectives and have been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Forbes, and Bloomberg.

Selected Casework

 Managing Consultant, Wage and Hour: Class action suit involving California-based nursing/residential care/retirement home facility whose employees claimed overtime pay, meal, and rest break violations.  Estimated economic damages based on company’s electronic timekeeping and payroll records. Calculated associated PAGA penalties.

 Managing Consultant, Economic Damages: Class action suit alleging for-profit healthcare provider engaged in unfair competition with union, including requiring its employees to sign unenforceable non-compete agreements. Used event study framework to calculate lost union dues.

Consultant, Wage and Hour: Class action suit alleging maintenance services company failed to compensate employees for hours worked, sick time, and overtime under FLSA due to improper benefit deductions and rounding.  Estimated economic damages and associated waiting time and termination penalties.

Consultant, Wage and Hour: Class action suit charging that California employees of an air transportation company were improperly denied meal and rest breaks. Estimated economic damages incurred under California IWC Wage Orders using time punch and payroll records.

Consultant, Pay Discrimination Audit: Prepared a disparate impact analysis across gender, race, and ethnicity groups of base pay, bonuses, commissions, and equity for web-hosting technology company.  Made use of various statistical modeling techniques including multivariate least squares and logistic regression.

Consultant, Pay Discrimination Audit: Conducted a disparate impact analysis across sex, race, and ethnicity groups of annual salaries for a private liberal arts college. Examined compliance under both federal and state pay equity laws.

Consultant, Pay Discrimination Audit: Examined five years of compensation data across sex, race, and ethnicity groups for a large grocery store chain. Disparate impact analysis included base pay, bonuses, and total compensation.

Consultant, Reductions in Force (RIF) Audit: Prepared adverse impact analysis of potential terminations across race, gender, and age groups for California-based construction company. Advised on potential areas of concern.

Consultant, Employment Discrimination: Estimated a real estate company’s potential exposure for hiring practices that the OFCCP alleged had disparate impact by race.

Consultant, Promotions and Bonus Practices Audit: Monitored a leading global technology company’s quarterly promotions, bonuses, and equity awards.

Consultant, Wrongful Termination: Single plaintiff case involving disability discrimination and wrongful termination claims against a public school district.  Estimated lost wages and pension benefits.