Michael P. Ward, Ph.D.

Michael Ward is Senior Vice President of Welch Consulting and is resident in their Los Angeles office.

He has testified on statistical and economic matters in a broad range of litigation settings in both federal and state courts. His testifying experience includes statistical analysis of employment practices in age, race and gender discrimination cases, class action wage and hour litigation, as well as issues bearing on economic loss in single-plaintiff employment cases.

Dr. Ward received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago, where he was a National Science Foundation Fellow. Before joining Welch Consulting, he was Senior Economist at RAND, where he directed federally-funded research on women’s employment patterns and wages, job turnover rates for young men, the U.S. private pension plan system, and the earnings and retirement decisions of older workers. Dr. Ward also taught on the faculty of the University of California at Santa Barbara and the University of California, Los Angeles. He is a member of the American Economic Association, The American Statistical Association, American Compensation Association and the Society of Labor Economists. Dr. Ward has served as a reviewer for most of the major economics journals and on peer review panels of the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. He has also served as chairman of the U.S. Census Advisory Committee on Population Statistics and authored numerous professional articles dealing with the statistical analysis of economic data.


Expert Witness, Employment Discrimination: Case involved claims of race discrimination in pay and promotion against entry-level managers of a national package delivery company. Analyzed pay and employment histories across organizational units of the company for the purpose of showing lack of common pattern. Prepared report and gave deposition testimony in support of motion opposing class certification.

Expert Witness, Employment Discrimination: Nationwide class action alleging discrimination against African-Americans in promotion at an aerospace firm. Developed statistical analysis of promotion practices. Testified at trial regarding alternative statistical measures of promotion.

Expert Witness, Employment Discrimination: Case regarding claims of discrimination against minority groups in promotion of protective services officers. Analyzed promotion process through ranks and outcome of testing and interview processes. Prepared numerous affirmative and rebuttal reports and testified at trial.

Consultant, Employment Discrimination: Claims of a nationwide pattern and practice of race discrimination against a food products manufacturer. At class-certification stage, developed extensive statistical analysis of pay and promotion differences across job groups and divisions of the company showing widely varying outcomes.

Consultant, Employment Discrimination: Allegations of a nationwide pattern and practice of discrimination against women and minorities at a major electronics retailer. Developed statistics on hiring, pay, promotion and assignment. Prepared statistics showing variations in outcomes for minorities across jobs and departments and year to assist with class certification issues.

Expert Witness, Employment Discrimination: Case regarding claims of discrimination in pay and promotion of Asian American engineers at an aerospace firm. Analyzed initial pay at hire and pay changes and isolated year-specific cohort effects in salaries at hire. Presented findings in testimony at trial.

Expert Witness, Employment Discrimination: Collective action age discrimination claims at an aerospace firm. Analyzed layoff patterns by department and position and found age patterns in layoffs differed widely across units of the company and that voluntary layoffs explained aggregate differences in exits of employees over 55.

Expert Witness, Employment Discrimination: Collective action age discrimination in reorganization process. Analyzed reorganization of marketing workforce and found that sub- groups of employees, distinguished by level of responsibility, performance rating, and future requirements in the local business area, were retained in an age neutral fashion.

Expert Witness, Employment Discrimination: Claims of age discrimination in layoffs at a high-tech manufacturing company. Analyzed layoffs and demonstrated variation in layoff rates by division and occupation group were consistent with the company’s change in business direction. Further found that involuntary layoffs were based on performance reviews prepared in years prior to layoff.

Expert Witness, Employment Discrimination: Collective action age discrimination claims in plant closure. Showed that the lack of recent hiring at the at-issue plant was the cause of its higher average age and that, company-wide, the average age of new hires was rising along with the average age of the entire workforce.

Expert Witness, Employment Discrimination: Class action claims of gender discrimination at a research company. Demonstrated that all pay differences were due to differences in pay at hire. Analyzed prior careers of researchers, as shown on resumes, to show that the type and amount of experience statistically explained gender differences in pay at hire.

Expert Witness, Employment Discrimination: Class action allegations of gender discrimination in pay and promotions at an aerospace firm. Decomposed pay differences into those due to pay changes and those that existed when hired. For a sample of employees, showed that relevant experience prior to hire explained statistical differences in pay at hire and analyzed gender differences in promotions.

Expert Witness, Wage & Hours: Class action claims of off-the-clock work and missed meals for mortgage loan officers. Showed that most putative class members were paid for some overtime and virtually all reported meal breaks, found significant variation in the reporting of overtime across offices, and that time records were also broadly consistent with telephone log-on and log-off records.

Expert Witness, Wage & Hours: Class action claims of unpaid work time due to delayed exit from work site at national big-box retailer. Conducted random sample of security video and timed the delay to establish very brief average delay.