Valentín Estévez and Catherine Massey are participating in the 2021 National Industry Liaison Group meetings in Nashville, TN this week.

In Valentín’s session with Meredith Gregston of Duane Morris, Don’t Forget: Diversity and Inclusion Starts with Pay Equity, he discussed navigating pay equity efforts under the pandemic’s “new normal.” They also described new trends in the labor market (e.g., work-from-home, remote on-boarding, COVID vaccination) and the importance of reevaluating D&I policies in the post-pandemic labor market to avoid losing years of effort made towards creating a more inclusive and diverse organization.

In a recorded session, Pay Equity Audits and the COVID Pandemic: Deliberate and Transparent Actions to Avoid Adverse Impact Claims, which is available on-demand, Valentín and Catherine describe the new reality of a weakened and volatile economy where women and minorities suffered a disproportional share of the pandemic-induced economic pain. They discuss proactive steps contractors can take to mitigate risk during an OFCCP audit in this post-pandemic labor market and how to avoid actions that may have disparate impacts on protected employees.

NILG 2021 National Conference