Valentín Estévez, Ph.D., Managing Director, and Catherine Massey, Ph.D., Senior Economist, will speak at the annual WorldatWork Total Rewards Conference & Exhibition on June 10 in Minneapolis. They will present the session Pay Equity: What’s Behind a Statistically Significant Finding?

Pay equity will continue to be a top priority for companies in this new decade. Fierce competition for top talent and the ever-expanding complexity and reach of pay equity laws make regular pay equity audits a critical HR tool. In the session, Dr. Estévez and Dr. Massey will discuss the major steps in a pay equity audit: data collection and preparation, statistical analysis, interpreting and understanding the statistical results, and the formulation of action plans from the statistical results. They will also discuss how to leverage your pay equity audits to evaluate your pay practices under federal, state, and international regulations.

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