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Case Study: Audits of Employment Practices

Welch was hired by a telecommunications company to perform a preliminary pay analysis in anticipation of an impending OFCCP desk audit.  The client provided the (12-factor) data often requested by the OFCCP at this stage of their investigation.  

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Case Study: Employment Discrimination

An opposing expert estimated a pay regression for hourly employees working at a service providing company and identified an aggregate pay differential to the detriment of women. 

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Case Study: Misclassification

A food service company was charged with misclassifying its managers as exempt employees. Plaintiffs claimed that their job function was similar to non-exempt employees. 

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News & Events

01 Aug 2016
Valentin Estevez to speak to Dade County Bar Association

 Valentín Estévez, Ph.D. will speak to the Dade County Bar Association on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

28 Jul 2016
Donald Deere to speak at ACI Employment Discrimination Conference

Donald R. Deere, Ph.D. is scheduled to speak at the American Conference Institutes’ Employment Discrimination conference in Chicago July 28th-29th. 

11 Jun 2016
Welch Consulting Sponsors OCBA Labor & Employment Symposium

Welch Consulting is a proud sponsor of OCBA Labor & Employment Symposium on Saturday, June 11th. Welch Consulting Senior Economist, Amy Aukstikalnis, Ph.D. will be on hand, representing Welch Consulting. Early Registration is available on the OCBA website, through June 15th.

19 Apr 2016
Valentin Estevez to speak to Austin ILG

 Valentín Estévez, Ph.D. will speak at the Austin Industry Liaison Group (ILG) on April 19 about the EEOC's proposed changes to the EEO-1 reports.  

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Welch Employment Index

Welch Consulting Employment Index Falls in May

The Welch Consulting Employment Index is continuing its retreat from the level it hit in March. While the index has fallen to 99.1 in May from the recent peak of 99.5 in March, it currently remains above the 2015 year-end value of 99.0.    

Welch Consulting Employment Index Slips in April

The Welch Consulting Employment Index has given back some of the gains made in each of the first three months of the year. While the index has fallen to 99.2 in April from 99.5 in March, this remains above the 2015 year-end value of 99.0.  

Continuing Strength in the Welch Consulting Employment for March

The Welch Consulting Employment Index once again showed continued strength in March, rising to 99.5 from 99.3 in January and 98.4 in March 2015.  

Welch Consulting Employment Index Reports continuing Growth in Jobs for February

The Welch Consulting Employment Index showed continued strength in February, rising to 99.3 from 99.2 in January and 98.4 in February 2015.    

Welch Consulting Employment Index Shows Job Gains in January

The Welch Consulting Employment Index showed continued strengthening in January, up from 99.2 from 99.0 in December and 98.2 in January 2015.